Given the chaotic state of recycling currently because China has stopped taking our country’s contaminated recycling.  Single stream recycling meant that consumers tossed any plastic, glass, paper, metal or other recyclable products into a bin that was shipped to China.  Consumers were unaware that the containers needed to be clean and somewhat dry.  When recyclables arrived in China they were moldy from liquid contamination and unusable.

Since that time other countries have been taking some of our recyclables, but in much reduced quantities and for an uncertain amount of time.

With that in mind Climate Action Mendocino has arranged for two tours of the Material Recovery Facility, which are free and are by appointment (707 234-6400).  There were multiple surprises during our tours.  What could be put into the green bins for compost was enlightening: any paper waste, including used pizza boxes, green waste from kitchens and landscapes.

Drywall can be recycled as well as small used lumber.  The MRF also has a metal recycling area for scrap metal.

The amount of recycled material that passes through the plant each day is staggering.  It is well worth a visit just to understand our phenomenal level of waste.

Some interest in the compost facility had us schedule a tour on a windy, cool spring day.  Cold Creek Compost is located in Potter Valley, CA very high up on a series of hills.  The facility processes prodigious amounts of compost and sells it to landscapers in huge tractor trailer loads.  It is a sight to behold and well worth a tour.  Call (707)485-5966 to arrange a tour.

MendoRecycle is a website with information about what can be recycled in Mendocino County. is an excellent site for what can be recycled in the Ukiah bins that are picked up weekly.